The new construction of an innovation centre for scientific research & development focusing  on both membrane processes and the corresponding production of operational prototypes. The required facilities will be of an international standard. The structure is a six-storey building, whose basement and top (5th) floor do not occupy the whole building layout.  The structure consists of three wings designed as a single block – left, central (atrium) and right. Other structures are adjacent to these basic parts – an outdoor staircase, an outdoor ramp, a pergola, a lightwell and retaining walls. The structure is completed with a flat roof on two levels – above the 4th floor and above the 5th floor. The central wing (atrium) is roofed with a glazed skylight. The main entrance to the building is situated in the south-east vista. The building is equipped for use by the disabled – including facilities for the visually handicapped and blind – access, toilets, lifts and parking places. There are four floors in the left wing. It contains the building’s administration facilities, warehouses and cloak rooms. The right wing has one basement floor and five upper floors. It contains the technological areas (the pilot technology area covers two floors), laboratories, research labs, pre-engineering premises, machine rooms, electricity distribution boards, a stationary extinguishing tank, a staircase and a service lift. The central wing (atrium) is a single space four-storey building and ensures interconnected communication between the left and right wing on all common floors. There is a walkway, a staircase and a lift around the perimeter of the atrium. The total built-up area of the building is 1,148.58 m².